Blog titles! My one… hundredth… weakness!

My ideal, dreamy plan for this blog was that I would post pregnancy updates, followed by THE BIRTH, followed by our day to day experiences helping this kid to thrive. A nice, rounded, maybe amusing, definitely-done-before-but-new-for-us-together timeline of a new family.

There were two fatal flaws in that plan. I don’t know if you can actually have two fatal flaws… Perhaps one was only crippling. Nonetheless.

1) To post a blog, on the Internet, you need regular access to it. As ridiculous and prehistoric as it sounds, we cannot get Internet. None. Not even dial-up. Our house doesn’t have a phone line. When I was pregnant, we would trek up to the University of New England library once or twice a week for our Internet needs. (If you’ve ever been pregnant and could see where that library is perched, you’d be calling it a hill and not a slight slope, too.) (And it is a hill, anyway.) That number quickly dropped to once or twice a fortnight after the little tyke made his grand entrance. Which leads me to…

2) This is a blog about two people and their baby. That means we have a baby, and that means that our spare time is/was spent sleeping, eating, cleaning nappies and watching television in a zombie-like state. I am only just now, after four months, regaining the patience, focus and will to say or write anything witty or engaging or, you know… coherent. Ironically, this is probably the most difficult age for the little boy so far, and we probably have less time now than we did in the newborn stage.

We still don’t have Internet at our house, but right now we’re not there (I will try to explain the sheer relief that statement brings in a later post. Without whinging.) When we go back, there will be three weeks left on our lease, and then we can finally live in something I can call a house without grimacing or using air quotation marks. A house with a phone line. A house that doesn’t quash blogging dreams with a cold, draughty, crappy neighbour fist.



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