Ode to a worm

There are a lot of things I have to write about, but I’m going to start with this.

It is the Lamaze Musical Inchworm, and it is the best $19 we’ve ever spent. This inchworm saved us. It has saved many hours of potential pacing with a grumpy baby. It has saved many warm dinners that otherwise may have been eaten cold. It has saved many a witicism uttered by a television or movie character which, instead of being drowned out by a crying baby, would only be partially interrupted by a squeak or a rattle and a delighted coo.

It has been Devin’s best friend from the day we bought it over two months ago. On that day, we had abruptly decided to drive the hour to Tamworth and go shopping. (It really says something about the facilities of the town you live in when Tamworth is a better option.) We’d traipsed up and down the main street, dodging little punks on school holidays, while holding the little man. Hot and bothered, we went to Big W (we have one of those, but apparently they stock different things) and looked around the baby section. I’m not sure if we were even specifically looking for a toy, but this inchworm ended up in our bag, and we went home.

There was no adjustment period, no ‘I’m not really sure about this’ moments on Devin’s part. It was instant adoration. He looked into those big black and white eyes and they were friends for life. He was still too little to play with it himself, so we would put him on a pillow between us on the couch and take it in turns wiggling, scrunching and squeaking the thing while we ate dinner. Now, we either hang it over his play gym to look at, or give it to him to wrestle with. If he starts grizzling, we give it a quick shake or squeeze and the smile is instantaneous.

He also bites its head and sets the ‘musical’ part off, but we don’t really purposefully activate that if we’re playing with him. I think I’d prefer it if the head was another squeaky section, but that’s all that I’d change.

They’re never far from each other now.



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