A perfectly average life.

The climate here is driving me nuts.  It can’t decide whether it wants to be hot or cold, but it definitely knows it wants to be humid.

Let me tell you, there is absolutely – ABSOLUTELY – no weather I hate more than cool humidity. The combination of being both cold and sweaty is disgusting. Just be cold, damn it!

In the above picture, Devin is surrounded by blankets on his little play area. That was during a cold spell. Last week. You can also see that I had to bring the airing racks that are loaded with nappies inside because even undercover, it was too wet for them to dry. (Though it wasn’t raining.)

And this was today. It was hot and sunny. There were flies. We were outside long enough to hang out the clothes on the line and take a few pictures. Then we retreated to our generally fly-free and completely shaded house.

(He is looking at one of the garden sheds. He looks at it often. I’m not sure what’s so interesting about it. Possibly the fact that it’s shiny?)

These are his keys. They were the first thing I bought him specifically to chew on. (I couldn’t figure out where they kept the teething stuff at the shop and found these in the toy section. I later discovered that teething rings and other soft chew toys are kept near the feeding items. Of course.)

The little three key set is still one of his very favourite things.

A lot of things, though, are not his very favourite things. He is at an awkward stage in development – he really, really wants to get going places. He wants to look at and touch and play with everything. Well, everything that is not placed directly in front of him to entertain him.

But he can’t go anywhere. He’s stuck sitting on his play mat. When he gets frustrated with this, he has a little wobbly and throws himself backwards, so that he’s not only stuck on the play mat, he’s stuck on his back on the play mat.

This means I am often wandering around the house with him on my hip, either doing jobs with one hand or just slowly pacing rooms. If I stay still for too long, he spots something that he wants and is trying to squirm away. If I put him on the floor to examine what he wants, he (of course) gets fussy and wants to move again.

I wrote his name and drew the picture one day, and added the rest another, particularly grumpy, day.

Just after he was born, Devin could lie down in this basket. I would hang the wet nappies out and leave Devin inside with Jene, and when the nappies were dry, I would carry Devin outside, slowly take the nappies down with one hand, put Devin on top of the dry nappies, and carry the basket inside. Now, he can sit in the basket.

I was surprised by his red hair when I first saw him. I thought he would have dark hair. I was sure he would have dark hair, because both Jene and I do.

Just above his right eye is a raised birthmark. It would, apparently, disappear on its own by the time he is four to eight years old (!), but because it could potentially interfere with his visual development, it needs some intervention. We are currently waiting to hear back from a paediatric dermatologist on the best course of action.

Heinz baby Pumpkin, Potato & Beef is Devin’s favourite. It was the first thing he ate properly off a spoon, and I have to admit, for baby mash, it is pretty tasty. (Hey. Someone has to test the temperature.)

Mostly I make Devin’s food, but it’s also good to have some ready-made stuff handy. When the supermarket had a 5 for $5 special, I almost just scooped up five of the PP&B. (He truly loves it. He makes little “mmm” noises when he eats it. This evening, I only knew just how tired he was when he wouldn’t even finish half a jar of it.)

Then I decided that I didn’t really want to cultivate any early picky eating habits, so I bought two different flavours.

(The parsnip, carrot & sweet potato was gross. The smell was just the beginning. Fortunately, Devin liked it well enough.)

Devin. He puts… the chew back in Chewbacca.

(I may have taken this picture just so I could write that.)

*groan, groan*

Bright, shiny, scrunchy, squeaky, rattly toys often have tags on them. Devin prefers the tags.

I am a neat person. I can’t help but clean. Messes really bug me.

But I’m realising that babies come with mess, and that’s that. Baby stuff is difficult to contain. I try not to fight it.

Sometimes (often) the only way I am able to fold nappies and clothes with Devin is to put him on our bed and put two pillows over him like this. As you can see, he finds it terribly exciting. To amp up the exhilaration, I put an unfolded nappy over the gap so that he can’t see me, then I fold a few items while building up the suspense – “Where are you, Devin? I can hear you, but I can’t see you! Are these your feet?” – before pulling the nappy away and saying “boo!” or any variation thereof.

I folded this one night when Devin was in bed, and I was trying to use the Internet but was getting frustrated with my computer. I folded while waiting for pages to load, things to open, things to close, pages to scroll…

I don’t get enough sleep. I stay up too late at night, because it’s a long block of time I have to myself, and I lose track of time, and forget that Devin wakes up early.

In fact, I should be in bed right now.



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