Oh, the hardships we endure…

Is there anything more frightening than a new parent with a digital camera?

I try to exercise restraint. I don’t usually delete pictures as I go, on the camera, but when I load them all on to my computer, I skim through quickly and trash the truly useless ones.

Occasionally, when I feel like tackling the huge folder of miscellaneous photos, I view each picture properly and force myself to do some culling. I’ll delete at least a third of what’s there.

Sometimes, though, it’s hard.

If it’s blurry, it’s gone.

Unless it’s especially cute. Then it can stay. But only that one. Ok, maybe the next one, too, because he’s making a funny face.

If there are ten or five or three others like it, it’s gone.

Unless there are big smiles involved. Then I can’t be held accountable for what stays.

If the lighting or colours aren’t quite right, it’s gone.

Unless it’s a clear shot of those lovely eyes. Or those cheeks. The cheeks! How could I delete those cheeks?

Digital is very handy, but it sometimes leaves me feeling a little cold. It’s great that you can take twenty shots to get the perfect one, but in a way it feels like… cheating? And that perfect one doesn’t seem as special as it would on film.

I also need hard copies of photos. I have art books and photo albums full of them. It’s much more satisfying for me to turn the pages with my hands. And, by choosing the better ones to be printed, I can counter that impersonal digital feeling.

On a related note – when I first discovered STFU, Parents, I started worrying that maybe someone wanted to tell me to β€œSTFU, parent.”

Upon thorough investigation, I realised I was nothing like those parents. I wanted to tell those parents to STFU, too.

Of course, I mention Devin in updates occasionally, because he is a (big) part of my life, but I have lines. They are drawn. I don’t cross them.

And I do not post sixteen almost-identical pictures of Devin for all to behold. No matter how god damn cute he is.



2 thoughts on “Oh, the hardships we endure…

  1. Hi! This just appeared in my Alerts. Just wanted to say thanks for checking out the site AND for actually reading it long enough to know that I was *not* telling you (, parent) to STFU πŸ™‚ I’m glad you took away the accurate message from the blog!

    1. Oh, I love your site! It didn’t take me long to figure out what it was all about – there’s no mistaking that kind of parent. πŸ˜›

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