Mums and Dads and Devins

Sometimes, I’m not sure what to do with Devin. Being with him all day, every day means I frequently run out of play ideas (and energy). When it comes to things like wriggly nappy changes, messy meals and splashy baths, my patience surprises even me.

But I don’t feel particularly at ease doing things babies seem to enjoy, like talking in different voices, singing, narrating our activity, pulling faces…

I was hoping it would come naturally when he was born, but I always have trouble with it.

I also get a little bored, which makes me feel terribly selfish.

Some days I feel generally more relaxed and playful than others, and I try not to let my mood affect what we do too much.

Some days, I do laundry and get Devin to help me.

He’s not that into it.

Jene, however, is much better at the singing, narrating and general silliness.

He’ll dance with Devin when he is tired and cranky; he’ll keep up a constant stream of dialogue regarding what he’s doing, or just what he’s thinking; he’ll use the toys to ‘talk’, all with their own unique voices.

It makes me laugh and it makes Devin happy.

So really, this was all just to say…


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