Breakfast at Deviny’s

Every morning when Devin and I get up, I make a coffee and some toast with Vegemite, and share the crusts with Devin.

For the uninformed, Vegemite is very messy. It’s thick, sticky and black, and even when I scrape most of it off Devin’s pieces, he still gets it all over his face, hands and clothes. And toys. A stuffed bunny (the first toy we bought him) had to have a little adventure in the washing machine because someone decided he’d like a meal of rabbit after his toast.

I still do it every single day.

If, on the rare occasion, I feel like peanut butter, I give Devin a dried apricot to distract him from the fact that Mum is eating toast and not sharing.

Dried apricots? Also very sticky.

Also high in fibre.

This happened recently – one piece of toast was sliding around and fell off the side as I was putting the plate down.

Luckily, ugly rental curtains and the backs of toast are actually Velcro in disguise.

Who knew?

P.S. If, by any chance, you happen to be reading this and have never had Vegemite but are thinking of trying, I’d strongly advise that you don’t spread it on as thick as it is above. It will burn your mouth.  Most people I know have half or less of the amount I prefer.

I think this is where a fair amount of newcomers who end up hating it go wrong. Of course, there are those who just don’t like it, which is completely understandable.


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