Green legs and fan.

Today,  Devin got some new pyjamas. Nothing special, but he seems to like the terry towelling fabric, which he hasn’t worn since he was very new.

First he admired his terry-clothed legs…

Then he admired the fan…

Then back to really examine those legs…

Then he started planning his move to grab the camera…

And then he got cranky and the jammie admiring session was over.

I also found two picture books that, admittedly, I mainly bought because I liked the illustrations. The Night Eater and Tree-Ring Circus. You might notice that on Amazon, they are thirteen and eleven US dollars respectively. I got them for eight and five Australian dollars, from a discount book store. Woo. (We once found a brand new, new release Jamie Oliver book there for ten bucks, as opposed to $40 at the Big W in the same shopping mall.)

The little master is asleep now, so he can look at his new books – from a safe distance – tomorrow. Hopefully they won’t incite a response similar to the last picture.


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