Devin is 8 months and 11 days old today. What a milestone!

Since February, time seems be getting exponentially faster for me – I’ve lost all of the April that has passed. Gone! It was March yesterday. I think.

Nothing very exciting, or exciting at all, is happening in our lives at the moment. Developmentally, Devin hasn’t taken any huge steps in a while, but he’s always doing something new.

– He recently started saying “baabaa”, and sometimes “mumum”, in addition to the well-established “dada”  and “yaya”. They don’t mean anything, he just likes making sounds. He has profound conversations with my wallet in the back of the car.

– He gets very cross if he can’t have something that he wants, or if you unknowingly take something that he wants away. Today, when I went to the kitchen to rinse the cloth I’d been wiping his face with, he had a little scream in his highchair.

– He likes cords. And hair. Specifically, tugging on cords and hair.

– He still isn’t crawling or pulling himself up. He can get on one knee, with the other leg stretched behind, before falling onto his belly. He wriggles backwards a bit, but not in any way that I would call ‘mobile’.

– He will not stop rolling from his back to his tummy, and it’s starting to make me a little mental. He sleeps on his belly, but I don’t put him to bed that way. He tries to roll off my lap when he grows bored with his bottle. The most treacherous rolls are during nappy changes, not because he’s in danger of falling off anything, but because there is mess. Mess that could be potentially rolled around the room.

– He loves standing and bouncing. Bouncing and standing. Everything must be done whilst standing, despite the fact that he cannot stand without the assistance of Mum or Dad. He won’t sit and play with a toy, oh no! He must bend at the waist to retrieve the toy, then straighten up and swing the toy around wildly, jiggling erratically while the parent slowly develops a hunch back.

– He likes the vacuum cleaner. Not when it’s on. He just likes sitting next to the dormant machine, whacking it and screeching at it.

– He seems to know that getting in the car the first time means going out, and getting in the second time means going home. He is practically silent for the entire excursion, but the second I start the car to head home, he starts babbling and ‘bubuh’-ing like no one is listening.

– He tries to ‘share’ what he’s holding by shoving it in our mouths. Slobbery dummy, chewed-up rusk, mushy apricot, drool-covered hoodie drawstring, my own hair…

– He needs a haircut, but I am afraid to get near him with a pair of scissors.

– I’d say his absolute favourite thing is the bath. No matter how cranky he is, as soon as he’s placed in water, he’s happy again. And splashy. Very splashy.

– His second favourite thing is the camera lens cap.

Not really. Maybe sixth or seventh favourite.


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