White on rice

Devin likes making noise. The more noise, the better. If he’s not screeching, he’s shaking a rattly toy. If the toy isn’t a sound-making object, he bangs it on the floor, or other toys.

He has a maraca, but I thought I’d combine his loves of noise and empty packaging by putting rice and corn kernels in a plastic bottle.

He thought that was great.

Surprisingly, though, he tends to like tipping it slowly and carefully examining the rice as it falls from one end to the other.

So, I bought some food dye, found some other empty bottles, and made them a bit more interesting. (The little glass jar is an easier-to-hold alternative for when he just wants to shake it.) (Like a Polaroid picture.) (I’m sorry.)

I don’t have pictures, but he likes them. Just imagine the first photo with a bigger smile and a worse haircut. (That was my Mother’s Day gift to him.)


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