Any of several types of human quadrupedal gait.

Things! Things are happening!

Well, one thing, mainly.

Last night, Devin started crawling.


Because I had commented to Jene, not a day earlier, that this age felt like the most difficult so far. So much whining about not being able to go anywhere. I was really feeling the days drag. He’d been getting into the position and rocking back and forth for weeks, but not actually going anywhere.

I had also said that I bet, I bet, the first thing he crawls to will be something he is not allowed to have.

Well, surprise! It was. Sitting on the floor after his bath, naked, he moved towards the operating fan heater.

“Devin!” I said. “Was that… did you just… I think that might’ve been a crawl.”

I ran to tell Jene.

“Devin just crawled!”
“Well, I think. Pretty much. Just a little distance.”

Jene nodded and smiled and I went back to continue the bed routine.

Later, Devin wouldn’t settle in bed, so I sat him in the middle of the lounge room, assuming that he wanted to move around some more.  Apparently, he did. I went to tell Jene that Devin crawled again, and yes, it was definitely actual crawling.
Then we both watched him move confidently across the carpet, actually crawling, and I got a little glassy-eyed. Out of nowhere. I guess I was proud that he had finally picked it up. It was a strange feeling.

Google Reader keeps recommending me a ton of baby blogs, and the majority of the mothers are always saying that their little one is growing too fast, and this or that milestone made them cry because their baby isn’t such a baby any more.
I honestly don’t feel that. I look wistfully at his newborn photos, and I do comment that time is passing quickly, but really, I am not one bit melancholy about the fact that he is fast approaching the end of his babyhood. Maybe it’s because I spend every minute of every day with him. Maybe it’s because he’s my first and I plan on having more.
When I stop to think, as much as the weeks tend to fly past me, the almost-ten months that he’s been here have felt as long as almost-ten months.

He will get into more mischief, yes. By 9 this morning, he’d already gotten into five things he shouldn’t have. But the  older he gets, the more he becomes a little person, and without wanting to wish the time away, I’m really looking forward to all the things he’s yet to do.


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