P.S. I love the profiles of babies.

I don’t know how people, especially parents, can post daily on blogs. I’m still not entirely sure why I even keep this one.

This is why I will never be a professional writer. It’s already taken me five minutes to write these four sentences.

Devin and I have been visiting my parents for a week – we’ll be returning to Jene in a couple of days. It’s a nice break, but I still don’t have favourable feelings towards the town/city/whatever in which I grew up.

It has a population of around 32, 000, not including surrounding areas. It’s larger and has more facilities than when I was younger, but is still very much a country town. (I had a group of 12 friends in high school, and of those only four lived within the town limits. I was on the outskirts, five were on properties outside of town, and two were in completely different towns. Just as an aside.)

In summer, it’s very hot. 40+ degrees Celsius hot. In winter, it’s… still not that cold. People complain when it gets to single digits at night. (That’s very not cold at all.)
There are two reasons that people come here – they’re either driving from Melbourne to Brisbane, or they’re visiting the zoo.
There are two – only two – book stores here. One is second-hand books only, the other is a mix of both new and used books. They’re both tiny and pretty much inconsequential.

And holy hell. This town is full of morons. I often feel a pang of dread when I leave the house, because I know I’ll be pissed off by at least five separate incidents, and three of those will probably occur on the road.

But I’m a pretty cranky person. And I didn’t start this with the intention of griping about my hometown. (Actually, I didn’t start with the intention of anything. I just started writing, hoping it would lead somewhere eventually.)

One thing I do like is the Japanese garden. I’d been hoping to take Devin to a playground with swings and a little slide, but I didn’t want to be there around other families. (I am not so great at that part of parenting.) Of course, the place I wanted to go to was always crawling with children, so eventually I gave up and took him to the Japanese garden, which is (whenever I go) almost always empty.

It has a large pond with koi and ducks (or duck, when we went), which I tried to point out to Devin, but he was transfixed by the waterfall. The whole time. When he couldn’t see it, he was constantly turning his head to try and see it. I tried to sit with him across from it so we could watch…

… but he kept crawling towards it. He just wanted to see what was making all the noise, but was shut down by kill-joy Mother.

We tried sitting on the leaves away from the waterfall…

… but he ate them.

Then he wanted to stand up…

Then he wanted the camera…

… which he isn’t allowed.

So we pretty much had to leave because Cranky had his Cranky Pants on. But he seemed to really like it there, seeing and touching different trees and plants, and hearing that waterfall. He likes being outside.
I really must venture outside more often.


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