Mr. Mischief helps around the house

“What is this?”

“A telephone bill?”

“Here, let me file that for you in this drawer that I have just now cleared.”

“This top drawer is way too cluttered. For starters…”

“… jute string? Who needs jute string? Not us.”

“This green pencil case, I don’t even know what’s in it, but it clashes horribly with the red one. Gone!”

“I have a feeling that this thing may be of use in causing more mischief sometime down the track. When I figure out how it works. For now – useless!”

“Who even uses envelopes these days? Oh my gosh.”

“These 3M Command Strips are taking up the most room BY FAR. Look at all the space they’re wasting on top of this pencil case.”

The Devin Effect Organisational Method. So streamlined. So chic.


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