Legs eleven (months)

Devin is 11 months old (plus one week).

I’m not sure what to write after that.

I read about women getting emotional about the encroaching ONE YEAR, but I can’t really relate to them.
I’m happy, I’m excited, I’m a little scared… But emotional in the sense that I can’t believe my baby is already one, where did the time go?! This is such a huge event, oh my gosh! My baby! – not so much.

The past year has gone fast, insofar as every year of my life seems to go a little quicker than the one before it.
In terms of having a child, though, it’s been incredibly slow. Devin’s birth? That was eons ago. Pregnancy? I barely remember that.
Because he’s just part of my life now. A huge part. He was there before he was there.

Maybe I’m not the best person to be talking about this – I’m not very excitable or expressive. (Sadly, I think.)
But one year is a milestone, it’s special, and we’ll celebrate in our own little way.
I just won’t get all blubbery about it.

I mean, look, he’s becoming a real little person! That’s fantastic! I love that! Why would I be sad that he’s growing up?


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