Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.

Devin can walk.


Well, he can. He stands up unaided, takes many unaided steps, and sometimes reaches his destination without falling over. He is still mainly a crawler, though.

I am admittedly not as excited about this development as I was about crawling, for two reasons.

1, we were waiting for him to crawl for a long time. He seemed to be *thisclose* for months. When he finally figured it out, his little world was opened up. He wasn’t stuck in one place, whinging because he couldn’t do anything. He could finally go. Walking is, for all intents and purposes, upright crawling.

2, he actually took his first solo steps a while ago. Walking has been a steadily improving skill for the past couple of weeks. It’s been a gradual learning curve, not a sudden, single event.

I am still, of course, very happy. I love looking up and seeing him standing in front of me. I love the way he puts his bottom in the air, steadies himself with his hands on the ground, gets up, and then just stands in the one spot with his arms by his side. I love his funny, drunk steps. I love the walking.



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