Mmm. Crunchy.

I may have mentioned before that Devin likes dirt.

When his great-grandad gave him some birthday money, we finally bought a clam shell sandpit and some bags of sand to fill it.
His first experience in it was a little hesitant, partly because (though we didn’t know then) he was coming down with something and would spend the next three days battling a very high fever. (Another story for another time.)
We sat him in it, but when he touched the sand with his fingers, he gagged. Just touching it. He was a little bemused by the whole experience.

Now, though, he actually plays in it.


He crawls in on his own, tries to fill his bucket with tiny fistfuls of sand, throws some around, nibbles on his little plastic rake…


The gagging? Not an issue, seeing as he seems to be planning on gradually eating the sandpit empty.





Sometimes he likes to finish it off with a little chew on the screen door.



It’s ok, though. We still think he’s cool.



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