I’ve been waiting so long to be where I’m going…

My past week hasn’t been fantastic. Between Devin’s bad sleeping (and consequent daytime tantrums), crappy weather (cold, cloudy, a little rainy and ridiculously, irritatingly windy), and a serious slump in my self-confidence, it’s just been quite trying.

Today, though… Oh. It was sunny, fairly warm (a balmy 16 degrees Celsius) and just a little breezy. Our bog of a back lawn is finally getting the chance to dry out (well, slowly), and we were able to play outside comfortably without a bone-chilling wind cutting through all our layers of clothing.

Devin slept in until 8:30 this morning – unheard of! Admittedly, it was after I spent almost an hour getting him back to sleep at 5am (he was really not ready to be awake), but that’s ok.

Jene got up with him, then woke me at 9 so I could take the car in for its registration check.

I was dropped back home and shared breakfast with Devin, Devin napped for 40 minutes (a little short, but he did sleep in). I discovered mold on the underside of our mattress, which wasn’t so pleasant. This rental house seems to be very damp.

We hung around in the backyard for a while. Devin ate some sand and got muddy on the grass. He drooled and whinged and flipped the pages of my book, and couldn’t manage to find the weed flower I put in his hair.






I was picked up to collect the car while Jene and Devin cooked their lunch. I came home, hung some nappies on the clothesline and made my lunch while the boys ate theirs and watched baseball.

Devin and I went for a little wander around the creek behind our street. He walked for a bit but got tired. He wouldn’t keep his hat on. I took a  picture of my feet while Devin was busy with a piece of bark. We checked out the two lawn mowers doing work on the sports fields, and then Devin attacked a willow tree.






We came home, Jene took Devin into his study and played music until Devin fell asleep.

When he woke from that nap, he helped me take the things off the line. He ate half a jar of chicken bolognaise (a victory!) before we ordered cheap Tuesday pizzas. We ate them and all played together for a bit before Devin had his bottle and went to bed, and now here I am.

It wasn’t an exciting day, but I just woke up in a better mood than previous days. Being outside, being warm, improved it even more.

… And now I’m tired and I can’t think of a way to end this.

I am a great writer.


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