I cut all my hair off.

Well, not all of it. I cut 30cm off. A foot of hair.

Well, I didn’t. A hairdresser did.

After 16 years of long, below shoulder blades hair, I have short hair. Above my shoulders. Around my jaw.

And it’s pretty awesome.

I have been thinking about it flippantly for some time. I thought about it seriously for not very long at all before going ahead. I was much more nervous about the social interaction at the salon than I was about losing all that hair.

I don’t think it’s an externalisation of a big internal change. It could be, though. I do need an internal change.

I just wanted to cut it off.  No more knots when I step out into wind. No more frizzy, fluffy split ends. No more getting it caught in things, like car doors and Devin hands.

I feel pretty tired and a bit sick now, it’s 2am. I just wanted to write that, I cut my hair.


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