I just don’t understand why clotheslines are not common in America.

I’d use a drier (if I had one) in two different situations.

1 – It’s wet and cold outside, and it will take longer than a day for the clothes to dry inside.

2 – I forgot to wash something that I really need, and I need it to be dry soon, and it’s not hot enough outside to dry it within an hour.

It irritates me. There’s a perfectly good, free, clean energy source outside to dry clothes.

And, sunlight helps to remove stains.

All right, I think about this a fair bit. I’m a stay at home mother, and I like doing laundry. I find it oddly satisfying to see a bunch of washing hanging outside on the line.

This is a very boring post. I feel like I don’t portray myself truthfully on here. I would probably write this with a little more bite, but I’m trying to curb my negativity.