The post that was interrupted by an insomniac Devin.*

Oh, what’s new in the wonderful world of parenting a fiery red-headed Devin…

I finally called a child care centre, and went in and everything, but I baulked at the amount of form filling, original document submitting and general bureaucratic nonsense that is apparently necessary. All I want is someone to watch him for a few hours, one day a week. *sigh*

So I decided that I should enrol him in swimming lessons. Start timers now as to when I will actually make the phone call. Oh dear.

I like an orderly shelf of toys. Maybe because I see it so rarely. Devin’s toys are a fairly mismatched bunch. The king and queen, I don’t know what play set they are supposed to go with, but they were on clearance for $5. So were the three white train carriages. The spinning top is new, from his Poppy. The picture on the  box (the writing was in French) suggested it would play music – I guess if the sound of an approaching train horn dying down to a vaguely UFO-ish hum is music. It’s a bit odd, but I like it.

Various animals on wheels… I am always inclined to make a ‘vroom’ noise with them, but then that seems weird. The box houses little plush Star Wars characters and Ikea finger puppets. You can see C3PO and an elephant. Which is a sentence I’ve always wanted to write.

The pink hand weight doesn’t belong there, Devin transported it from its proper place. He likes to chew the hackey sack, and those little board books. There are more of those lying around, and not just more copies of ‘Toys’ and ‘Animals’. Lately he has become more interested in reading them.

Well, that’s just an abacus and a shape sorting box.

He still likes playing with the walker, but he hasn’t quite grasped the concept of steering yet and throws a tantrum when he gets stuck at a wall. The little lawn mower is new, from Grandma. He likes being chased with it.

That frog is much greener in real life. There is also a giant teddy, and Devin drags them around to one of us so that we’ll hold them and he can tackle/cuddle them. It’s terribly cute. He likes the little couch, but hasn’t figured out how to sit on it. He tends to run up and dive headfirst into it.

Still one of his favourites. He tries to drag it around both by the hose and the power cord. Failing that, he just pushes the main body around.

This is a never-ending battle. He either pushes the power button, puts his hands on the screen, or just stands in front and bangs things on the TV unit, including food and drink. You can’t see, but there are Devin-sized hand prints all over the bottom of the screen, and I have given up trying to keep it clean. So far the only way I can get him away is to either startle him, or physically move him.


There are more toys (and ‘toys’) scattered throughout the house, but not a huge amount. I think we’ve got a good balance for now.

* 11:30 last night, in the middle of writing this, I went to tend to Devin, thinking I’d be back soon to finish it. What actually happened was, I flopped into bed at 3:15am after finally getting the so-tired-but-wouldn’t-sleep boy back to bed. And then I slept for eight hours. Thanks to a lovely partner.


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