Time may change me, but I can’t trace time.

I know everyone marvels at how fast their baby grows and learns. And I know that, yeah, they’re babies, of course they will change rapidly.

But when you’re right in the middle of it… holy moly. It is pretty awesome that in one year Devin has gone from a tiny, helpless baby to a walking, babbling, ever-learning little person who knows what he wants.

All I’ve done in a year is knit a hat, and cultivated an obsession with mustard.

All right, and raised a child.

He is 14  months in a few days. I had to think about that, too. When he was new and I carried him around in the sling wrap and people would coo and ask how hold he was, I would answer straight away. “One week” (we were out and about as soon as we left hospital), “five weeks”, “eleven weeks” (“Ohh, I wouldn’t have thought that old!”). Eventually I started rounding out to months and exact weeks weren’t necessary. Now I just think of him as one, even though I know there will be a big difference between twelve, fifteen, eighteen, twenty-two months, and just saying ‘one’ won’t seem right.

Devin seems to be a little late with talking, which I partly attribute to us being quite socially isolated. He has one word, off, which is pronounced ‘apff’ ‘opff’ ‘upff’ and sometimes even ‘aff’, which is really the closest it gets and sounds like he has an accent. Mostly he uses it correctly. Sometimes, he just says it because that’s all he really knows.

See, I’m not sure if he has Mum or Dad. He certainly says ‘dada’ and ‘mumum’, but I really don’t know if he’s referring to us when he does. My guess is probably for dad, possibly for mum.

But hey, I’ve taught him to put clothes in the laundry basket. Although, he doesn’t discriminate – if he finds anything made of cloth, clean or dirty, he toddles off to the bathroom and puts it in the basket. He is terribly proud of himself.

Speaking of cloth. We have had to ditch the square cloth nappies and switch completely to disposables. It’s a little disappointing, but he was soaking through the cloth within an hour, and that was with a super-thick fold that I could barely fasten. Nappy changes with the fussiest boy alive are hard enough with just a couple of tabs to stick down, let alone a piece of cloth, a nappy liner, a Snappi and nappy cover to deal with. I didn’t want to have to go through that every hour. And fitted cloth nappies are, of course, too expensive.

Oh, exciting things.

Now I’m just going to post a bunch of photos and go eat a doughnut, even though it is nearly midnight. I’m going to blame the not-so-relevant title of this post on the time. And my hunger.

He was eating chips and popcorn chicken from KFC (Hey. We’re human, ok?) …

… and then followed with a dessert of stick.


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