The birds and the seeds.

Our backyard attracts a lot of birds, which I think has something to do with how many worms and bugs it accommodates in its ever-soggy lawn.

After seeing these two perched on our back deck, Jene and I both had the idea (separately) to hang some bird seed to attract more. Devin squeals excitedly when he spots birds.

Unfortunately, the backyard is pretty bare except for a few trees right up the back, so this was the best I could do.

To be fair to the galahs, I did buy the cone that is supposed to attract big birds like them, but they were greedy bullies.

It only took around two days for the whole thing to be eaten by a surprising array of birds. I only have pictures of the galahs, though, because they were sitting around like they owned the tree. Maybe they do, I don’t know.


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