Not that Central Park.

It’s almost summer, and the weather has finally, almost, kind of turned spring-y.

We had our front and back yards mown last week, for the not-so-cheap sum of $60, and they already need to be cut again. It’s irritating me. Every time I look at the grass I feel annoyed and I huff. If this was our own house, I wouldn’t give two tosses about how long the grass was. This is why renting makes me feel this constant hum of anxiety.

But back to the purpose of this post. (No, shock, horror! It wasn’t to whinge about renting.)

We went to the same park four days in a row last week, because it has big, shady trees and wide areas of nice grass, and I like it.


Devin mostly likes the fountain.

He also enjoys running…

… to watch trucks.

And wandering off on his own to go back to the fountain.

He’s also becoming quite the useful little magpie chaser.

And quite the proficient little wallet thief.

(I never, ever have cash on me. Shops without EFTPOS are the bane of my existence. I had just withdrawn that to pay for the lawn. Stupid lawn.)

Sometimes I try to have a lie down on the grass, because why sit when you can recline? Actually, it helps my back. But Devin has other ideas. Other, camera-grabbing ideas.

Gratuitous posed shot, with battle wound. (Concrete vs. Devin’s nose.)

And just because I never know how to close… how awesome is this bark? Pretty awesome.


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