*sigh* Another mother vent.

I’ve mentioned before our misadventures in cloth nappies, how we could only afford flat squares, and how we had to recently stop because it wasn’t working anymore. I persevered for over a year with those damn things. I never had a problem with the washing – it was always issues with absorbency and fit and comfort for Devin. And you know what? He did get nappy rash in them. All the time. In fact, since we’ve switched to disposables, he’s barely had it at all.

I know what people are advocating now is the modern, fitted cloth nappies, but they are too expensive. And I know how much disposables will cost over the years. I know, all right? I am really tired of the constant pushing and smugness about it.
Unfortunately, I don’t have a huge lump sum to spend in one go on 24 nappies and inserts and covers. I don’t have a ‘cloth diaper clearance shop’. I don’t have a natural parenting store. I don’t have a sewing machine or skill to make my own. I never had a baby shower to ask for them as gifts. I don’t have money.
What I do have is a fortnightly payment that pays for rent, bills, groceries, (now) disposable nappies, and not much else. Even if I bought one nappy per pay, it would take a year to amass enough to have a complete system. And by that time, Devin would be close to toilet training (hopefully).

Next time, maybe I’ll be more prepared. I can start collecting modern cloth nappies as soon as I see a positive test.
In the meantime, though – I freaking know. I know, I know, I know. Same applies to benefits of breastfeeding. I would if I could. For both.
Enough about nappies. Enough from me about nappies.