How bazaar.

Today I took Devin to the Waldorf school’s annual Spring Bazaar. Though it wasn’t as nerve-wracking for me as going to the indoor playground, I wasn’t super relaxed about it. Namely because, well… people.

We ended up having a really good morning. We arrived as it was starting and left about an hour later just as it was becoming very busy, which was probably an important factor.

He liked the pony, but I’m not sure it liked him. He wasn’t so fussed over the goats (which came bounding out of the back of a tiny hatchback just as we got there).


The school is quite nice. The play equipment is awesome – so much better than the generic plastic sets that are in… well, I guess ‘mainstream’ schools? This was one set of at least three that I saw, all with different obstacles. Devin just wanted to play in the sand, though.


And they have this sweet garden.


Elephants this way?


We had a break, where I had a bit of lemon-lime coconut cake and Devin had a little biscuit. Which he ate very daintily.


After a final little wander and with Devin getting tired, I walked back to the car and had the keys ready to unlock the doors. I changed my mind, though, and walked up a steep path to the preschool where a short story time was being held. Again, the playground at the preschool was just better. Tyre swings and a wooden cubby house and a cute table and chairs set made from tree stumps.

Devin seemed to enjoy these swings even more than the usual ones at parks.


I almost didn’t go in for the story, because Devin was having so much fun outside and I didn’t think he’d sit through the whole thing. But we ducked in just before it started, and I’m glad we did. A puppet show told and sung by one lady, with handmade felt puppets, it was short, calming, featured a dugong (which, by the way, was the cutest felt animal I have ever seen) and it held Devin’s attention for the whole ten minutes. Incredible! It was a good way to end our little excursion.


We ended up with a bag of macadamia nuts (that we can’t eat yet because oops, no nutcracker), a little Christmas bell, a funny pointed hat for Devin, and that Brinjal Pickle. Oh my gosh. It was the first stall I ducked into when we got there, just so I’d have somewhere to go, and it turned out, that stuff is damn tasty. Good anxiety-based random choosing, Melissa!`


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