About a boy.

Devin at 15 months and 20 days.

– He loves to help, and he is so quick to copy things that we do. It’s starting to make me nervous that he will mimic something I don’t want him to do, but he’s been ok so far. He was trying to operate the DVD player properly today after seeing me use it, copying my hand movements exactly. Usually he just pokes it and fiddles with the volume knob.

He still loves the vacuum cleaner more than anything, to the point where I have to keep it in the spare room with the door closed so he won’t try to drag it out all the time. (No cupboard storage space.) He’s gone from screaming at it, to sitting warily and watching, to wanting to completely take over when I vacuum.

He’s there helping (or ‘helping’) for pretty much anything I do – the challenge is thinking of toddler-friendly ways he can feel helpful.


– Still no words, but he talks a lot. There are cases where I know what he means anyway (‘duh’ is plug), and times when he tries to repeat words by using the same amount of syllables. He tries very hard. We have a library book at the moment called ‘Dig, Dig, Digging’, which Devin repeats as something like ‘gig gig gig-ig’. It’s his favourite book.


– The book is his favourite because it’s about heavy machinery with wheels, and I don’t know what we’ll do when we have to return it. I cut off a Whinge-A-Thon the other day by playing a YouTube video about excavators. He loves trucks, buses, motorbikes, airplanes, tractors, cars…


– He also loves birds – there are always lots in our backyard, and we point them out. Though I personally am both irritated and frightened by birds.


– He misbehaves more for me than Jene, because I am much more of a laidback pushover. That was ok when he was younger, but now it’s starting to become problematic and stressful. My throat hurts from using a stronger tone (it’s not like I’m screaming, I just have a naturally quiet voice), and it’s challenging weathering the tantrums rather than just giving in, but I’m trying to be more disciplined about his discipline.

We’re also trying to improve his sleeping. When Jene puts him to bed and says, “It’s time to close your eyes and have a good sleep”, Devin stays there and listens and eventually goes to sleep on his own. When I do the same thing, he stands up and cries, expecting me to pick him up. I can’t get him to stay down long enough to soothe him. So for the moment, Jene is the frontman of the bed operation.


This was going to be longer, but it is late, and with various stresses and all this tough parenting, I need much more sleep than I usually get.