Dear blog thing,


I’m really bad at this. I suppose partly because I don’t feel I have enough to write about. This town is incredibly boring.

I mean, I took Devin to the public pool for the first time recently. He enjoyed it, but it got cold and we had to leave and he threw a tantrum.

We also went to the nearby waterfall today, and a couple of weeks ago. He liked that, too. He wasn’t very keen on walking on the grates, though, and he fell over today and scratched his nose.

The weather in Australia is going completely nuts. In NSW particularly, it’s jumped from cold to hot quite suddenly, and there’s been a lot of rain. A lot. Enough to break the ten-year drought and cause major flooding in places that are usually bone-dry. We’re going back to my hometown for Christmas soon, and it’s going to be chaotic. The river is swallowing up the main shopping area and a load of crops, homes and businesses. At first it was a kind of funny inconvenience, when the worst that had happened was one of the two bridges closing. Now, with the water creeping up and up, it just seems eerie. And despondent.

And all I can think is how much it’s going to smell when the dirty water finally recedes and the sun comes out.

So that’s pretty much things for now.