My brain is so full and messy lately that I can’t even think of a proper title.

Earlier in the year I did some weeding and moved the green waste bin for the first time. My heart almost leapt out of my mouth when I saw what I thought was a snake, but was actually a lizard. It had been living cosily under the bin, and I think it still does. I don’t think this is the same lizard – this one seems a lot smaller – but there it was. There are also a lot of tiny lizards that dart around the front and back steps. Not to mention our indoor encounter with another, much, much bigger lizard at our old place.



There’s a little garden at the arboretum. Two Saturday’s in a row, during open houses at our place, we picked up McDonald’s, ate at the picnic benches, then walked around the garden. As you can see from Devin’s clothing, it was freezing one week and hot the next.

This picture is my desktop background on one of our computers.


I’m not sure what flowers these are, but the whole plant feels kind of rubbery. I really like it.


It’s been raining a lot, and I’ve mentioned before that our lawn grows extremely fast. Unfortunately, we’re not lucky enough to get a sea of daises like our neighbours – we just get thick, sharp grass with some weeds.

The circle in the middle is where the old tenants had a pool.


He is starting to keep his hat on when we’re outside. He even found it and tried to put it on of his own volition the other day…


An early morning ‘argh-just-stop-whinging-let’s-get-out-of-the-house” walk.


After a stormy day, the clouds broke in the evening and there was this awesome sunset that I just couldn’t properly capture with my camera. We affectionately call the family that lives in that house the Baby Neighbours, because when we moved in here we would see them gardening, and the woman was pregnant. They’ve since had the baby and I think they might be pregnant again…They’re also some of the few neighbours that aren’t irritating pricks.

Not long after this picture, they came out and started taking photos of the sky, too, and I felt awkward sitting at the window with my camera pointed in the general direction of their house…


… But I didn’t stop taking pictures.


And what is this plant? It looks and feels like it’s covered in fur. The leaves are like dog ears. It really creeps me out. Devin picked off one of the flower heads and carried at around for a while.


And now I will go to bed, because I am sure my brain muddle is not helped by how little sleep I get.

Number of times I clicked ‘Add Video’ instead of ‘Add an Image’ during compostition – three.