I’m not the kind of mother who has a thousand activities up her sleeve. I am always looking to external sources for things to do, and even then, I’m not exactly confident. My Google search must be as sick of searching for ‘activities for a _ month old’ as I am of seeing suggestions like, ‘go to the library’ or ‘do something crafty’.

I keep trying with the crafty things, but Devin still doesn’t quite understand it. When we draw, he’s more interested in the crayons as objects than as implements for making marks on something else. When we paint, he just wants to play with the paint, not spread it around on paper or canvas or even the drop sheet. Which I am not complaining about at all – it just makes things even messier.

Nonetheless, I do keep trying, and in December I tried this home made sparkly paint, which was just equal parts flour, water and salt with some food colouring. Good because it’s cheap, and also because it doesn’t matter so much if your toddler decides to eat the yellow paint and then throws it back up and now it’s time to end this activity, ok?

So I’ve heard.


He was eager to get in there and start making those colours indistinguishable.


And, you know, he actually kind of got it that time. (Yes, we’re painting on folders.)


Right up until the point where he realised there was a cup of crayons behind him, and that he could dip them in paint, too.


But we still ended up with this final product, with only a little help from me. It took a looooong time to dry, and I eventually threw it out because I was afraid of pests eating the flour, but hey, it used up some time and Devin got messy. A win-win situation.


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