Trees, ducks and an unseasonably cold December.

There’s not a lot to do in this town except be outside. That’s ok in spring and summer when everything is just GREEN and the weather is bearable, and ok in autumn when everything looks like it’s on fire and the weather hasn’t cooled to sub-zero temperatures yet. It really sucks in winter when everything looks dead and it’s always overcast and if you go outside you’re stabbed by the icy knives of Antarctic winds. And we’re not quite high enough to get snow.

That was a bit of a digression. I can’t even write two sentences without losing focus. I’m doing it again right now.

So. We go to parks fairly often. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before.


This was in December –  it was drizzly and, like, 14 degrees Celsius. Still green, because apparently it’s summer. It’s been an odd year for weather.

This is one of the only things I like about this town. The picture doesn’t show it very well, but there are houses all amongst those trees. It’s a very pretty place, and I am still excited about the green because most of Australia is pretty brown. Dirt, scrub, rivers, trees, tanned skin. All brown.

Ah, so picturesque…


….erm ….


Behind our street there’s a creek, cycle way and huge leash-free dog areas. If you follow the path in one direction you go to town, and the other direction takes you to football, soccer and cricket fields. If you keep going through the fields and off the path, you get to this wide open grassy area. And, eventually, a playground.

A quite wet and muddy playground.


But completely empty. And horse-iful.


We also visit the arboretum a lot.


It overlooks the town and has a large pond/small lake of an oddly teal blue.


I lived here for almost three years before Devin was born – I knew there was an arboretum, but I’d never been there, and I certainly had no idea there was a body of water there.


And look what I was missing out on.


And, ducks!


Ducks are a big hit.


Sitting in the pram at the university during nap time is not such a big hit. But, trees!


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