I kind of like to move it, move it.

So much travelling back and forth. We went to pick up Devin on Sunday and drove back home yesterday, but we’ll all be off again in less than two weeks. Because we’re moving back.

There are things about moving that I actually don’t mind. Things that most people probably hate, like packing boxes and clearing shelves and cupboards and cleaning them. I like physically organising things.

The worst part about moving, for me, is all the other organisation that it requires. Handing in notice to the real estate agency, getting utilities shut off or switched over, getting all the carpet cleaned so we can get our bond back, hoping the house satisfies the requirements for getting our bond back, changing address details (and remembering all the places that they need to be changed for), getting our doctor here to send records to our doctor there. And it all has to be timed well, because we’re not just moving across town, we’re moving six hours away. In less than two weeks.

I am really looking forward to being in the same town as my parents, and therefore having that support. I’m going to miss the New England area, the green, the fact that summer days are not terribly hot, the waterfalls, the short drives to anywhere… And there is, I think, something very easy and self-serving about living in a place where you know no one. At least, there was, for someone like me. But it’s really, really hard with a kid. And I think the three of us will really benefit from having some time being closer to people we know. We all need a break. And I won’t really miss the back door freezing shut on winter mornings, or the fact that our lawn grows so fast you could probably watch it.

Like with most things, I want to skip to the end. Even just skip to the part where we (and all our belongings) are piled into my parents house. Where we start looking for a new place to rent. Just skip to there. Because I make myself sick over things that most people do without a second thought.


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