Devin has fared quite well with teething so far. His first few weren’t pleasant, but when most of his other teeth were starting to pop up the only way we could really tell was the intense drooling. Maybe he was a bit grumpy and hard to settle, too, but honestly, that’s Devin most of the time.

Up to around December, he had 12 teeth – upper and lower incisors and molars. Then his upper canines broke through all of a sudden, without drama. And right now, his lower canines are beginning their quest to break the Surface of Gum…

Like I mentioned, its hard to tell what’s a problem and what’s Devin just being Devin, but I’m fairly sure that these new teeth are insistent that their imminent arrival be announced, loudly. The drool alone is like an unfurling banner of proclamation. The terrible sleeping and extra-fussiness are sideshows.

One thing that our new destination has that our current city doesn’t is Boost Juice. In fact, it has two. Boost Juice is pretty much the greatest thing ever when it’s 38 degrees Celsius and you’re hungry but too thirsty to eat. Devin, who would eat only fruit if we let him (sometimes I do), has also discovered the benefits. And he’s hooked.

Mum and I took Devin to the zoo when we were there… We didn’t enter the actual zoo circuit, because it charges breathtakingly exorbitant admission fees just for people to drive around in their own cars, which is the most boring and cumbersome way to see the zoo. But, they do have a lake with islands for monkeys and lemurs, and a playground and kiosk and gift shop that are all accessible free of charge, so we went there. Devin was not terribly impressed with the spider monkeys or the lemurs, but it was a steaming hot day and they were all just sitting in shade. (I used to volunteer at the zoo, and I could not believe the amount of people who would say how disappointed they were that the animals weren’t doing anything. In the middle of summer. Come on, guys.) We played around the playground for a bit, then retreated to the gift shop and bought a cheetah-print VW Beetle.

But look, why do these spider monkeys have a phone book?

Aw, remember when Devin was all tiny and he’d just sit quietly and not yell? (He still gives us that exact look.)

On our last night without Devin, I dragged Jene out to take photos of the quaint shopping strip that the locals are fiercely proud of, even though it consists mainly of cafes, expensive boutique stores, real estate agencies and cafes. And cafes. And also the court house, so there are some… pleasant… loiterers around on court days. But ooooh, pretty lights.

Oh, he’s so loud and fussy, but, I mean, look at him…



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