Let me just look at the weather site to report the conditions that I’m currently sitting in, at 10am…

32.2 degrees Celsius (90 F), 44% humidity. What?!

It feels SO MUCH WORSE. I lived here for nineteen years before moving away, but it seems that four years in a much cooler climate has completely obliterated my Heat Resistance. I’m having issues getting dressed in the morning, because basically, I don’t want to wear clothes. The minute I put something on, I break out into a sweat. When I do something crazy like walk around the house, I have to change again because everything is sticking to me and I can’t stand it.

The two days that we were moving, it was 42 C (107 F) degrees here. We travelled for six hours in alternating stifling heat and Arctic cold – my car had fuel injector problems (I think) and especially didn’t like accelerating when the extraordinarily good air conditioner was on. It’s one thing to be in a car with no air conditioning because it’s broken or doesn’t exist – it’s another entirely when you actually have the Best Air Conditioner In The World, but have to choose between being cool and getting to your destination.

But, here we are. I have more constructive and less-whiny things to write. Possibly. At the moment, my thoughts are along the lines of, ‘bleurgggggh-arrrrgh-too hot-so thirsty-blaaaaaah’, so we’ll just leave it at that for now.



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