The funk soul brother

The things that I remember most clearly about Devin’s birth, I am embarrassed to say, are not the moment he was actually born, nor the first time I held him. Those things are actually very, very hazy in my memory, because it was a fast labour and delivery.

When I think of that moment, the first thing that comes to mind is how the gas and air made all the noises sound funny while I was getting stitches. And especially, I kept hearing the part in Fatboy Slim’s Rockerfellar Skank where ‘now’ is repeated. You know? “Right about now, about now, about now… now, now, now, now’. It’s actually similar to my memory of the 20 week ultrasound – one, Devin wouldn’t open his hands so the doctor had to keep prodding and the gel ran out and it was uncomfortable. But two, I Shot the Sheriff was playing over the speakers when we found out he was a boy.

The second thing I remember is realising that Devin and Jene were back in the room after getting Devin’s official measurements taken. I was snapped out of my gas high by Devin sneezing.

I mean, honestly. That really sums up being human to me. There are lovely moments, but sometimes life is marked by the really silly, trivial things.


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