Big red.

After deciding to cut all of my hair off last year, I made a similarly hasty decision last week to dye my hair red. A proper redhead red. Why? I don’t know. I’ve always liked red hair, but never seriously considered it for myself. I guess it was just seeing one too many pictures of gorgeous red hair that made me think, ‘well, why the hell shouldn’t I?’

My hairdresser was pretty excited to be doing such an extreme colour change. I picked out the colour I wanted (I think it was described on the board as a blonde copper or something), and said, “that one, but more vibrant”. She grinned, and even as she was applying it she said, “this is going to look so good. So you’ve never had your hair coloured?”

No, I’m jumping in the deep end a bit, aren’t I.

“That’s great, though. You’re very brave – most people are too scared to do something like this.”

I shrugged and said, “ah, well. Hair grows.”

Look at those two adorable carrot-tops. The colours look identical in this picture, but mine is actually brighter (for now). I wonder if it will stop people asking where Devin’s hair colour came from…



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