Hey, big spender.

With so many disasters and atrocities in the world right now, it feels a little shallow and wrong to be thinking about material possessions. But, this is my life, the society that I live, my brain, my experience. I know my priorities, but yes, I also like things, and I am pleased greatly by things that are aesthetically appealing.

This is my ‘if I was so financially well-off that spending $50 was like spending $10’ list. It’s not so much that I have expensive tastes, but that affordable options are so bland and tacky. I’m sorry, I’m just not content with Thomas the Tank Engine t-shirts out the wazoo.

Space Tee by aarrekid – $40 @ Baby Goes Retro

Auto Scrapyard by molo – $35 @ Baby Goes Retro

Flying High by molo – $50 @ Baby Goes Retro

Train tee, black sleeves by molo – $50 @ Baby Goes Retro

I’m sure many might think the above three are ugly. I think they’re a little bit ugly, and a little bit awesome.


Handmade Vintage Super Hero Cap – $36 @ The Baby Gardner

I cannot think of a practical application for this hat. Also, Devin would never keep it on. But, cute!


Why Don’t You Turn Off The Television and Do Something Exciting Instead – £23 @ No Added Sugar

This would cost me $76AUD! Because shipping is £25! Holy moly. That’s a lot to pay for a pretty simple and obvious statement. What a shame.


Rock ‘Em jacket – $35 @ My Rocking Wardrobe

Am I making my tastes obvious, yet?


Tartan leggins by LilSpunk – $19 @ Little Styles

Master of Disaster raglan by LilSpunk – $25 @ Little Styles


Brussel Sprout tee by Well Spotted – $35 @ Baby’s Got Style

I think silly phrases like this are funny, and I almost bought that shirt. But, one, it’s thirty five dollars and two, it is technically a Brussels sprout. My bank account: saved, once again, by my irrepressible grammatical integrity.

Tastes Like Chicken by Monster Republic – $34 @ Baby’s Got Style

All right… I did buy this one. I squirmed and ummed and ahhed, I added it, I deleted it, and I went to the checkout three times before I thought, ‘well, screw it, I really like it, and I never buy things like this.’ It arrived today, and I’m excited for Devin to wear it, even though it’s a size too big.


T-shirt – $9 @ eBay

I also bought this one. It says ‘we enjoy all the challenges, bravely robots, something difficult. Please do not fear evil because justice always with us.’ In fact, it says that twice. It also says, ‘rey can move by battery’, and really, who doesn’t like a bit of Engrish on their clothes?


Robot Warrior by Tommy Rocket – $40 @ Looking At You Kid

I like robots. I like music. And I’ve always wanted a son who looks like a robot made of cassette tapes and stereos.



Chef check pant by Chalk and Cheese – $55 @ Bubba Funk

I like pants that are different, either with patterns or colours. He’s a kid, why not?  Hell, I would love to wear pants that weren’t blue jeans, if someone would make them to fit my body.


Ok, I’ll end it there. All this looking is just reminding me that most of the choices I have are terrible. I know there are much worse things in the world. I’m thankful that I can even sit here and write about this. I’m just getting bored with dressing Devin in the same blue and green t-shirts every day.


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