Developing Devin

I realised today that I haven’t done a post just about how Devin is lately. Other bloggers seem to be able to write long monthly updates on their kids, but honestly, once Devin got to about 10 months I started to feel like not much was happening. Not much that I could put into words, anyway. But, here I go.

Well. Nineteen months and two weeks.

  • Sleep is still not great. It took me ninety minutes to get him to sleep yesterday evening. He will happily lie on the bed with me just sitting next to him, but the minute I leave the room, he screams. As soon as I go back in, he stops. Repeat. He is restless when he’s trying to sleep, and to be honest, it gets irritating because his movements start to happen at extremely regular intervals – shuffle, rest for five seconds, shuffle, rest for five seconds… I don’t know if it’s just me, but patterns drive me nuts.  The other issue is that, unless you catch him at his sleepiest before over-tiredness sets in, he will. not. close. his. eyes. He forces them open when he’s about to fall asleep. He still wakes up at least once during the night. Tonight, we did the bed routine an hour and a half later than usual, and he fell asleep within about ten minutes. His ‘routines’ are constantly changing because what works great one week suddenly doesn’t the next. *deep sigh*
  • Things that ‘most toddlers’ are apparently doing that Devin is not:
    • speaking with recognisable words. That’s not to say I’m worried – I’m not. His speech has actually picked up a bit lately, by which I mean, he copies what we say more accurately – individual words and sentences. He communicates with us in his own babble. ‘Dad’ (pronounced more like ‘dad-uh’) can mean Dad or dummy. He has ‘hot’ almost down pat because we say it so much, but he drops the ‘h’ when he says it so that he sounds like a petit garçon français. He has these little fruit-filled snack bars that I just call ‘apple bars’ for the sake of brevity, and he repeats that as ‘appa bah’. So he’s getting there.
    • trying to dress/undress himself. Never, ever has Devin removed or tried to remove a piece of clothing, apart from his shoes when we’re in the car. He sometimes helps me when I’m dressing him by pushing his arms through shirts or stepping his legs into pants, but that’s about the extent of it.
    • obsessing over a TV show. He still is not very interested. We actually watched a whole episode of Play School recently, but that was immediately after a nap so he was quite sedate. I sang the songs and did the movements with him, but he was still pretty ‘meh’ about the whole thing. The fact that he has no idea about any popular kids characters just makes me even more angry about the amount of clothing and toys that are marketed towards him that feature those characters.
  • Other things that Devin does:
    • throws extreme tantrums
    • gets ridiculously excited about heavy machinery and transportation.
    • ‘experiments’ with his food. Like when he crumbled a muffin in a bowl, poured a drink into the bowl, back to the cup, back to the bowl, back to the cup, then drank the whole thing. He also likes drinking things from bowls, ever since we went to a Vietnamese place and gave him pho in a tiny bowl. Today, he found a stray bowl around the house and poured his chocolate milk into it.
    • turns the Xbox on with the controller. He knows exactly what to do.
    • he also knows where discs go in my computer – he likes it because it ‘eats’ them, rather than having a tray.
    • actually, he just really likes being at the computer. And wearing headphones.
    • snuggles up to one of our dogs, Ruby, so that she’ll lick him. He goes at her with his head down in anticipation of the attack. They both love each other, more so when they think no one is looking. Our old dog, Taz, is really on her last legs so she’s not as exciting to Devin, but he still strokes her (or pokes her in the eye) and she tolerates it stoically.
    • ‘helps’ when we’re shopping by putting pretty much everything we don’t need into the trolley or basket. One day, while picking out fun things for him like stickers and crayons, he ignored my requests for him to put the things in the trolley, and dumped four bottles of Clag paste in there instead. Then some bull clips. A post-it dispenser. More Clag paste.
    • uses the correct key in the car locks. He likes playing in cars – my parents are much more indulgent of this desire than I am. I often start my car in the morning to find the windscreen wipers swiping furiously, the right blinker flashing and the high-beams flicked forward.
    • opens doors. With the knobs. The round knobs. There’s no containing him.
    • helps at self-serve checkouts by pressing the buttons. He also likes using EFTPOS. And pushing buttons at the ATM. He’s very good at pushing buttons…
    • dances in his own funny way. Arms by his side, hips swinging side to side.
    • ‘sings’ along with the radio in the car. Especially if it’s something easy like ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’ or ‘oh, oh, oh’.
    • jumps up and down when he’s eating something really delicious.
    • ‘spits’ in the sink while brushing his teeth by blowing a raspberry.

Yeah, this age – it tests my patience. But when I stop to think about it like this, I can really appreciate how funny and fun it can be. He’s learning things quite quickly now. Well, certain things. I only have to tell him a body part once or twice before he knows it. (Though he has trouble finding his elbows.) Still hasn’t learned that spitting out and throwing food makes Mummy very cross, though.


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