Devin in a tent.

I am rapidly running out of ideas for things to do with Devin. In this town/city/I don’t even know what it’s classified as these days of 40,000, activities for under 5s are limited to one indoor playground that is in desperate need of an upgrade, a bunch of parks with the same play equipment, one slightly above average playground that is always packed, a little water park and the take-out-a-second-mortgage-to-pay-admission-fees zoo.

Basically our options are parks. Besides the fact that it is getting really boring, this place is freaking hot, and if you go outside between 10am and 5pm in summer, for any amount of time, you’re pretty much sacrificing your skin to the sun. It’s crazy that the only things we can do here are outdoors (I don’t count the indoor playground as indoors, because it’s like a sauna in there). Actually, pretty much the only indoor activity here, at all, is shopping. There is also the library, which has fantastic air-conditioning, but because of its location and the fact that it has Internet access and a couple of Playstations, it attracts some pretty undesirable people.

Anyway. The circus came to town recently, and I thought Devin might like it. At the very least, it was something to do. He was young enough to sit on our laps, so I bought two tickets and took my mum along with us to a matinee performance. I wasn’t looking forward to it – it’s a very low-key circus, it was a hot day, and most of the acts are performing animals, which I am not fond of. I also wasn’t sure how Devin would behave, since he had never been to any kind of show.

Before it started, he was mainly concerned with watching all the people and the lights.


And playing with the gravel on the ground in front of us. As you can see, it was a fancy affair.

They didn’t allow photography during the show, but it started with lions, which were pretty impressive to Devin. Made me feel kind of sad. There were also dogs, llamas (or alpacas?), some horses, a pony, a monkey riding a pony (I was ready to give up then), and some acrobatics and such. Devin’s attention slowly deteriorated, reaching its lowest just before the intermission when they had a long and boring clown sketch – he demanded off our laps and started playing in the gravel again. When he started throwing it, I decided that was enough. It was very hot in the tent, too, and poor Devin was heating up and scratching his head a lot – it’s no fun when you carry a jungle of hair around on your head.

So we left and made our way slowly back to the car, at which point Devin discovered his very favourite part of the outing –

Nope, not the giant inflatable lions.


The trucks. Of course.


And also feeling the wind in his sweat-soaked hair once again. (That was probably my favourite part.)

Overall – totally not worth what I paid for the tickets. But, I think it was pretty exciting for Devin, and for that I don’t regret it. I just won’t do it again.


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