“Oh, goodness me.”

Those are the words that have been coming from my mouth lately when Devin is having a case of the Terribles. Like on this day, where he refused to keep walking or be carried, and rubbed his hat in the dirt about three seconds after this picture.

I’m a person, and yes, I swear. Often. I say bad words to emphasise what I’m saying, whether it’s something positive or negative. But I definitely do not want my child to repeat any of those words. Ideally, he wouldn’t even know of them for many years to come, but I’m not completely naive. I know what kids are like lately, though I still find it absolutely repulsive when I hear young children swearing.

I am waiting for the day that Devin repeats a word and I’ll have to try and explain that it’s not very nice, but in the meantime, I really try to watch what I say around him. And what music I listen to. I had a certain song by Tool on one day (track #7 on Ænima), and I suddenly became very aware of the lyrics, and of Devin in the room, and I kind of froze. (You can look up the lyrics, I don’t need to write them here.)

So I realised today that I had almost subconsciously started saying things like ‘goodness me, Devin’ and ‘for goodness sake!’ Sometimes I let out a fricking, frigging, frakking etc. Sometimes I slip up completely. I say ‘gosh’ a lot, but that’s been going on for a long time.

Sooooo… Conclusions were always the part of essays I despised the most. I’m inclined to just tell you that Jene is eager for me to start reading A Game of Thrones so that we can watch the upcoming series together, and I would like that too, so I’m going to go to bed and do that. Start reading. Ok.


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