Park and pharmaceuticals.

After weeks of identical daily weather forecasts – ‘mostly fine, 27 degrees Celsius’ – I was both surprised and grateful for the sudden cold that’s moved in this week. I was also caught off guard in terms of clothes for Devin – he had a few items of winter clothing that still fit, but I hadn’t really thought about building up a new wardrobe for the season. (Even though all the stores have been shoving woollen knits in my face since January.) I had to dash out yesterday to at least buy some long-sleeved shirts, dreading what crappy options I’d have to choose from this time. And yep, they were crappy. Surely, surely, it must say something to stockists when they’ve still got racks full of the licensed character merchandise in every size, but are left with empty racks galore where the simple, classic clothes once hung. It spoke volumes to me yesterday.

In addition to the cold weather, I also have a cold. The second one in under four months. I’d been sick twice in four years in our former town. The price of social contact, I suppose.

Today, with a runny nose, heavy head and aching ears, I did some self-medicating and wondered how I would last the day with Devin. He napped for two hours in the morning and then helped his Pop outside, bless them both. We had to do something in the afternoon, though, when the welder and angle grinder came out, so to the old standby we went…


The Japanese gardens, hooray!


Or… not hooray?


Tractor came along for the ride, too.


There was something rustling in the bushes, which was Big News.


So big that there was no time for trivial things like, watching his step.


Ambitious. (But it did go in.)


I see a haircut in someone’s near future.


I don’t know. Just look at that leg action. Like a pro.


He wanted to go somewhere and was not impressed that I wasn’t jumping up to follow him immediately!


But all was ok when he got to bang on the big tree trunk sign. Aw yeah!


I guess (hope) they’re expanding the gardens. There was a  mini excavator doing work, so we sat and watched that for ten minutes.


Enthralling. (Yeah, my hair has faded to exactly the same colour as Devin’s. Now instead of, “Where did he get that hair?” we’re getting, “Oh, I can see where he gets his hair!” I just smile.)


The only chipmunk native to Australia.

A sunny but cool day in a pretty garden where a toddler can pretty much entertain himself + Nurofen Plus and/or Codral cold tablets = happy me.


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