Bringing up a baby in April

Horse paddocks near our house. (Horses camera- and Devin-shy.)

A clingy mister.

An amazing shampoo makeover.

A lunch outside.

A lesson in bocce with a not very attentive pupil.

Tantrum Face.

The precursor to Tantrum Face; Oh My Gosh You Are So Mean Why Are You Doing This To Me How Can You Even Live With Yourself Face.

Seems like a cheerful outing? NO. This was the Walk From Hell. It was… I just… ugh, I can’t even talk about it. Possibly the angriest I’ve ever been with Devin.

This was clearly before the fun started…

And this was not long before the total meltdown. You can picture him as a moody teenager already, can’t you? I can…

Giant Baby Plucks Aeroplane From Sky…

… Proceeds To Cry For Mummy.

A trip to pick up Grandma from work.

What a whingy month. May isn’t looking much better.

And that dummy really has to go.

On the flip side, he is being pretty hilarious lately. During his breaks from whiiiiiining.


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