This experience has not turned me off Cheezels.

Cheezels always remind me of when I ate pretty much a whole box of them when I was around 8 weeks pregnant with Devin. I had awful, constant nausea, and I was due to go to New Year’s Eve dinner (here) with Jene and my middle sister, Erinn, soon, but it still seemed like a good idea, eating all those Cheezels. I couldn’t stop – the nausea was inexplicably diminished as long as I was eating them, and since I had been having trouble eating anything, I took advantage of the fact that my stomach wasn’t rebelling.
Of course, you probably know what happened. About ten minutes after I’d finished, I started to feel sick again, and worse, because my stomach was full of artificial cheese flavour. I got prepared to leave for dinner, but pretty much as soon as I’d put on some clothes and brushed my hair, I had to throw up. I ran and barely, barely made it to the bathroom. I had to change my clothes, but hey, at least my stomach was empty for dinner.

I don’t remember much of the dinner, in terms of what we ate, because I still wasn’t feeling great. I did my best, and I’m sure what I did eat was very good.
Jene still talks about how great that dinner was, though, so I’m glad it had a lasting impression on him.


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