Numero cinco

He’s 21 months old and has had five haircuts already. He’s probably needed more than that – I do let it get extremely shaggy. But I like long hair – I like Devin’s hair long, I like Jene’s hair long, and I like my hair long (I did enjoy the extreme chop, though) – and if they made headbands for boys, you can bet that his number of haircuts would be less.

At first, he wouldn’t even let go of me when I put him in the chair at the hairdresser. They moved this fake plastic fish tank light in front of him, and that distracted him enough for the chopping to begin. Then he was just watched the hairdresser in the mirror, sitting completely still and silent, and didn’t even flinch when the electric clippers came out. I don’t know if he was entranced or keeping an eye on her, but either way, she said he was the best kid she’s ever had. Which is becoming pretty typical – people comment a lot on how quiet, serious, observant, well-behaved he is, and I laugh and say, ‘I’m as surprised as you are!’


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