May in pictures, part 1

The truth is, bringing up a baby might be an overall exciting experience, but the individual days… They are usually pretty ordinary. And those days add up to weeks and months, and the next thing you know it’s the middle of the year and you haven’t done anything.
It can’t just be me…

My mind is only willing to recount events in single-sentence structure at the moment. I am ill. Again.

So our recent past…

We flew an aeroplane.

Somebody kept slipping out of shoes, and then promptly outgrew them all.

We found a new place to explore. Until more ugly kit homes are built.

Hairs were as red as the autumn leaves.

And this tree had limbs.

Grass clippings were collected by a little garden gnome who was more interested in redistribution than disposal.

In a futile effort, grass clippings were swept and re-swept.

Robot ugg boots were purchased and swiftly outgrown.

We went on a rare early morning walk, which soon devolved into getting jumped on by two excited, muddy dogs.

Before the muddening.

After someone decided he’d had enough of standing on the banks of an impassable creek, and in fact had had enough of the outing altogether and was going to get himself home with this stick, thankyouverymuch. The Wet Dogs were probably 200m to the right of this photo.

We drank many a cappuccino (me) and Boost juice (everyone).

Devin’s sticker obsession grew and I began finding them in all kinds of places. Yesterday, I found a boat on his bum and an aeroplane in a clean pair of my underwear.

The weather was lovely. I love autumn.

Devin likes it when I take pictures of us and then show him so he can point to us… This is what this was, but I didn’t realise until later that he was looking at me. And with the hand on my shoulder… My heart swelled.

This tricycle was $20! From Big W. Man, I was pleased with that. Devin can’t reach the pedals yet, but he scoots around on it.

Mandarins are in season, and Devin is obsessed.

Devin became too cool to hang out with me, opting instead for the park bench.

Unbridled excitement over someone’s ride-on lawn mower. It wasn’t even running.

This is why we couldn’t cross the creek on our earlier walk – the bridge was washed away during heavy rain and flooding in December. This was on the other side.

More to come. (I took a lot of photos in May, sue me.)


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