May in pictures, part 2.

These two are our constant tagalongs. The aeroplane is a surprisingly sturdy $2 Matchbox model, and Donatello in the purple car was bought for 20 cents from Vinnies after Devin spotted it and wouldn’t put it down. They both live in my handbag.

The first time on a big swing – there were no baby swings. And when Devin’s gotta swing, Devin’s gotta swing.

No-hands-milkshake-drinking at the indoor playground.

I experienced regular speed-induced heart attacks and leg bruises that day. I was also wearing leggings that day. Did you know that leggings + slide = zero friction? It’s a scientific fact that I learned the painful way. That big yellow rectangle at the bottom? That’s what stopped me from sliding right on through and leaving a Liss-shaped hole in the wall.

This lasted about two minutes before he was covered in paint and everything except the paper and drop sheet became his canvas.

You may have noticed the big, leafy pole trees in previous photos. They start losing a few leaves gradually as autumn goes on, and then will suddenly dump them all over a day or two. Devin liked to help rake up the little piles as they fell.

Spontaneous meditation.

We wander around a lot. Here we were off in search of the source of some construction noises. At the behest of Commander Devin.

This fountain switches on and off at fairly short intervals, but Devin pointed and made sure we were looking every time. He was here when he was six weeks old for my aunt’s wedding – I missed most of the ceremony because I was walking around with fussy Devin, and then he slept through all the photos.

We decorated and made a hat at story time. And by ‘we’ I mean ‘I’.

We bought new shoes for Devin (eight bucks!) – he picked them himself and immediately wanted to wear them. They are a little big but great for playing at a playground. Purple clogs, white stockings and a wrap skirt, however, are not great for playing at a playground.

Devin opened a new shop, but between you and me, I don’t think it will be a big money-spinner. He wouldn’t even tell me what he sells.

I took Devin to my chiropractor to see if that might be the answer to his near-constant whinging and bad sleeping. He did have some issues that were adjusted over a few visits (with an activator, not manually), but it didn’t change his behaviour. Ah well, at least I know.

(I was going to put a picture here, but decided I wasn’t comfortable posting a photo of someone else’s kids on the Internet without their consent.)

Devin picks up a new girlfriend every time we visit the indoor playground, and I am not joking. This little girl just wanted to hug him and mother him, and he let her do it. At one point they were just sitting on the floor cuddling for nearly five minutes. He eventually grew bored and came back over to me, much to the disappointment of his lov-errr.

Just another day at Story Time, which happens to occur exactly in Devin’s usual nap hour.

Devin tried to kill me by making me throw him up to touch the sail. I can manage maybe four in a row. He is getting heavy.

Many a leaf was thrown into the air by our hands.

I painstakingly showed Devin how to hold it, look through the viewfinder and push the button…  I think he was a bit disappointed to find that no picture came out. At $2 per photo, it’s not something I’m rushing out to buy.

He barely lets me take the photo before he’s grabbing the camera and turning it around to look at the picture. That causes some interesting expressions to appear on my face.

Jene made fun of me when I bought gold Dunlop Volleys two years ago, so of course I went out last month and bought silver glitter sneakers. They were $15, and are probably only worth that much. But I like ’em. Like Jene says, why take yourself seriously all the time?


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