May in pictures, part 3.

Well, I finally get caught up with May, and June is almost over. Typical.

We took Devin to the annual show, and basically paid ten bucks per adult to have our fingers nibbled by baby farm animals, and to be rudely shouted at by carnies. There were rides suitable for Devin, but I didn’t want to pay for them on principle – SO overpriced.

I would’ve bought that lamb if it was possible and feasible. It really liked Devin’s fingers, and Devin was happy to oblige.

Maybe the best moment of Devin’s life so far?

Everyone knows it doesn’t work if you don’t also open your mouth. (He won a little plush snake.)

I wanted to take Devin on the Ferris wheel, but they were running it way too fast. Not absurdly, scarily so, but a Ferris wheel should be slow and enjoyable, not a thrill ride.

A final farewell to Devin’s new best friend before we left.

The noise and smells and shouting and jostling that come with being at a (somewhat) big event make me feel crappy and drained, and I was in a bad mood when we got home. An hour outside having afternoon tea with Devin made me feel much better. (Chamomile tea for Devin, coffee for me.)

I can’t even remember what I intended to do when we left the house that day, but I know it wasn’t throwing leaves at a park. It’s not an uncommon turn of events. And certainly not an unfortunate one.

Ah, yes, I went to see if IGA sold Tip Top Hokey Pokey ice cream. (They don’t, and I can’t find it anywhere any more. Jene, who was born in New Zealand where it is very popular, is particularly disappointed.) I ended up getting a 99c packet of custard creams and taking it to the park. Devin fed his little zoo.

In our small country city, there is only one train station, and every day (I think) at around 2pm the train from Sydney arrives. If we happen to be close by, we hang around and watch it leave.

One of the many runs up to the back of the yard to get firewood. Put Devin in a wheelbarrow, and you may as well have put him in a howdah on the back of an elephant.


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