At the moment, I’m finding blogging quite tiresome. Writing in my own and reading others. I’m not inspired by anything and, as a bonus admission, I don’t like adding images to blog posts. The process of selecting, uploading, inserting and resizing images is just boring for me. Believe it or not.

I suppose it feels like I have too much and not enough to share. I have hundreds of photos of things we’ve done, but those things are mostly just playing in the yard or eating noodles at parks. Which, you know, just about sums up life at the moment, minus the Devin tantrums and high stress.

Devin and I went with my parents to Newcastle recently to celebrate Dad’s oldest brother’s birthday. It was a nice little trip, and quite cold. We went to look for whales one day (at Boat Harbour in Port Stephens), but it was far too windy and choppy to see anything. However, the swell was big and waves were breaking with huge explosions over the rocks, which made Devin’s first experience of the ocean quite dramatic. He was enthralled.


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