Yesterday was Devin’s second birthday.

I’m sure I have plenty more to write, but I’ve just been completely exhausted lately – evident in the lack of posts here.

It’s extremely clichéd, but I honestly don’t feel like it was that long ago that I wrote about Devin’s first birthday. His first 12 months didn’t go terribly quickly, but time is just screaming by now. He’s becoming such a little boy now. Fancy that, a child growing.

It’s not necessarily a bad exhausted… just a culmination of the facets of life right now.

I really wish adding photos to posts was simpler… I take my hat off to bloggers who post daily. Or I would, if anyone actually made hats big enough to fit my massive head.

I should stop this here before I go too far off track, I’m really quite tired.

Happy birthday, Devin, my lovely.


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