Like a record, baby.

As mentioned, Devin’s birthday gift from my sisters was a swing from this site.

What can I say except that he loves it?

I had the romantic idea in my head that it should hang from a tree. How delightfully free and natural!

There are hundreds of trees on this one acre block, and do you think that any of them grow in a way that is conducive to my bohemian fantasies?

Actually, there is one… It would have been perfect, except that the big branch hangs over a garden bed and reaches over the roof of the veranda. Each swing was accompanied by a crash on the corrugated tin roof, and I can’t say that my vision of swinging in the serenity of nature involved loud, percussionist trees.

(Can I just talk about Devin’s obsession with apples? He is obsessed with apples. There’s one in his hand right there! Every time he sees the fruit bowl he points and asks, “appah? appah?”, and consequently he eats at least one a day. And he does eat it – almost the entire thing. This is to say nothing of all the other kinds of fruit he eats throughout a day… I find myself saying things like, “you’ve had enough fruit – have some cheese!” which just seems crazy to me.)

The swing was an instant hit with Devin. The location was not a hit with us.

My parents had installed three hooks in the veranda ceiling years ago when the area was being finished – two for a hammock and one for a swing chair that I had. The swing chair has long been out of use, so the novelty aeroplane made from recycled beer cans came down and the new swing chair went up.

The thing about this swing is – it spins. Easily.
And the thing about me is – I get motion sickness. Easily.
Before I started driving, I would feel nauseous in the car during a five minute drive into town.
I’ve also been car sick while driving.
Yesterday, I was flipping quickly through a recipe book with quite large and close-up pictures of the food, and I had to stop because I started to feel ill. So you can imagine, I’m sure, how I begin to feel while watching Devin spin and swing over and over and over again. I’m actually feeling a bit queasy looking at these photos. I wish that was creative exaggeration.

He delights in the spinning, though, and can only be coaxed out of the swing with the promise of something equally enticing. Like an apple.

But really, the swing is fantastic – it’s not its fault that I have a sensitive inner-ear.

Swingz n Thingz have other suspended beauties, too, and my very favourite is this Rock-a-bye Cradle –

… Because I needed another reason to be Super Clucky.

I’ll finish with a video of Devin in full swinging action. I’ve only watched it once, for aforementioned reasons.


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