Keeping it real.

Hostilities in my stomach have settled, but not before making me waste time and money at the doctors surgery and pathology, and making me lose three kilos in four days. It was a crappy week.

The below photo shows that I have almost full circles under my eyes now. That isn’t carry-on luggage any more – those bags need to be checked in. I already have less than seven hours before Devin wakes up, and I’m not even in bed yet, so this will, unsurprisingly, be short.

The city council is doing one of their kerbside clean-ups, so I took the opportunity to teach Devin how to jump properly off things with the aid of some old mattresses and our raised driveway. He would jump on the spot with both feet at once, but when actually launching himself, he’d always do a little jump on the spot and then basically just step off, which was more dangerous than just going for a big jump.

Anyway, we spent much of Saturday on mattresses out the front of our house. Also note my shorts and thongs (flip flops? jandals?).
I felt the epitome of class, indeed.
It was fun.


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