Spring scenes




I’m usually not very fond of spring. I’m so afraid of swooping magpies that I don’t walk anywhere for the entire season, I get ridiculous hay fever, I’m annoyed by the warm days and cold nights, and I get sick of hearing people say, ‘bring on summer!’
But this year I really appreciate it. Last year, in our previous town, the cold weather started in March and went well into December – ‘spring’ was a dreary blur of constant wind and rain. I don’t know if it was just because I had a baby to entertain, but it felt like The Winter That Wouldn’t End. I prefer the cooler weather, but damn, I need some warmth, too, to remind me of why I like winter. Three months of each distinct season, that’s perfect. It’s also very rare… I don’t know if it’s even ‘officially’ spring yet, but daytime temperatures here have already reached over 30 degrees Celsius.


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